Can I Copyright My Pants?

Apparently now you can.  Since time immemorial – or at least for a couple hundred years – the fashion industry has wished, hoped, lobbied, and otherwise prayed for copyright protection for articles of clothing.  A recent Supreme Court ruling in Star Athletica, LLC v. Varsity  Brands, Inc., may have tilted the matter in favor of … Continued

Who Owns The Copyright?

What does the copyright protect? A work of original authorship that qualifies for copyright protection is property. The right to make and distribute copies of it can be bought, sold, traded, leased, loaned, leveraged, forfeited, lost, damaged, misappropriated and stolen. Moreover, the right to make and distribute copies, because they are copies, can be divided, … Continued

Warning: Copyright is a noun

Yes, if you look in Merriam-Webster you will find copyright defined as a verb. The reason copyright is defined as a verb is that it is widely used as a verb in “the media” and other “literature,” and, for good or ill, that’s where words acquire their definitions. The trouble with the use of copyright … Continued

So what’s a “Work For Hire”

If you are a freelance writer, artist, photographer, composer, performer, Web designer — anyone who does creative work for others, you need to know what the term “Work For Hire” means. If you are a business who hires independent contractors to produce creative works for you, you need to know what the term “Work For … Continued

But I Paid For It!

We hear that a lot when we talk to clients about copyright matters. And people in business can’t be faulted for thinking that when they pay someone to create a logo for them, write a manual, design a Web page, or lay out a promotional handout, they own the work they paid for. Unfortunately that’s … Continued