Bohan Mathers and our affiliate, Eaton Peabody, provide a broad range of services regarding the licensing of intellectual property. These services include licensing agreements involving patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, and know-how.

With Licensing Agreements, the Bohan Mathers team clearly defines the rights and obligations of the parties to the agreement, with particular care given to protecting the ownership and control of our client’s intellectual property.

Joint Venture Agreements

In many commercial ventures, several participants will contribute intellectual property and other necessary components (finances, production, sales, and distribution) needed to make the ventures successful.

The Bohan Mathers and Eaton Peabody team create joint venture agreements that allow a venture to utilize the talents of each participant while again clearly defining the rights and obligations of each participant.

Confidentiality Agreements

A confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements should be prepared and executed by the parties before any disclosure of confidential or proprietary information is shared. Bohan Mathers can provide the needed confidentiality agreement efficiently and effectively to make sure your intellectual property is properly protected.

Non-Compete Agreements

Your employees and business associates will be able to use your confidential information to compete with you in the absence of a non-compete agreement.

To protect your ideas and business, Bohan Mathers will prepare a non-compete for employees, consultants and others to sign. The non-compete agreement must be reasonable in terms of scope and the consideration for the other party entering into the non-compete agreement must be clearly defined to maximize the enforceability of the non-compete agreement.

Commercializing your IP

Protecting your ideas, designs, inventions and products is the critical first step.

The Bohan Mathers/Eaton Peabody team can assist you with taking the next critical step of commercializing your intellectual property. This may involve identifying sources of angel investors or assistance from firms like the Maine Technology Institute.

Commercializing your venture may also involve going to key players in your industry to develop licensing agreements, joint ventures, sales agreements, distribution agreements or other legal arrangement.